Using wall-ball is the best way to improve on stick work and hands, we always tell our players and our children alike to spend time outside of practice and games on the wall and now we can compete on the wall! 

The NVTYLL board would like to offer a challenge to all NVTYLL players to get the free app SNYPR on their phones or parents phones (available for both iPhone and Android) and hit the wall. We have already registered each town as a team, teams are Boys and Girls combined, and have included the team list below. 

The NVTYLL board has set the “Team Challenge” (1000 reps) from now until May 15th. Once setup on your phone the SNYPR app will alert your phone of future challenges from NVTYLL

But you don’t need to wait for NVTYLL to send out challenges. You will be able to see everyone that registers on your team and challenge each other. The app also has some cool region and global leaderboards that let you know how you rank against other SNYPRs. The more reps the better!

Below are the instructions on finding the app and getting set up as well as a link to the SNYPR page that shows you how to position the phone on your arm for proper rep counts.

Next steps are easy:

  1. Ask your players to download the SNYPR app and sign up (available for both iPhone and Android).

  2. During the in-app signup process, each player will be asked to enter a Team Code. Ask your players to enter your unique 5-digit Team Code in the app. Note – if a player has already downloaded and signed up for the SNYPR app, they can also enter your Team Code in the Settings menu (gear icon).

  3. Once they enter your Team Code, they will join your team (Team/Town Name) and be able to see where they rank vs. their teammates on the in-app TEAM leaderboard.

4.  Learn How to position your phone! Note that an old sock, bandana, or headband can work for attaching your phone! You may need to get creative. 

Team List

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