The NVTYLL follows NFHS rules for boy’s lacrosse with certain exceptions as guided by USA Lacrosse for youth play. The NVTYLL Board of Directors has approved the following rules for 2021.

Rules Sheet
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USA Lacrosse Girls Rules

2022 USA Lacrosse Rules Interpretations PDF

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USA Lacrosse Boys Rules

2002 USA Lacrosse Rules Interpretation Video


20/10 Second Count – There will be 20 and 10 second counts for 7th/8th, 5th/6th (not 3rd/4th), enforced when there is not a clear effort to advance the ball.

NVTYLL Playoff Overtime Rule

During NVTYLL playoff games over time rules are the same with this exception:

• After the eight minutes of sudden death (2 four minutes periods) each team will remove one defender from the field of play until there is a winner. (9 total players on the field for each team).


Stalling shall be enforced in the last two minutes of the game (7th/8th, 5th/6th , 3rd/4th). The official will issue a “get it in, keep it in” warning. The team with the ball will have 10 seconds to get the ball in the box or turn it over.


Time-serving penalties are enforced and man up situations are permitted for 7th/8th and 5th/6th. A 3rd/4th penalty will result in a turnover and the player must be substituted for at least one play.

Body Checks

Body checking is permitted in the 7th/8th Division; however, no take-out checks are permitted by any player. A take-out check is defined as any check in which the player lowers his head or shoulder with the force and intent to put the other player on the ground.

Players in the 7th/8th division may make contact in an upright position within three yards of the ball. No body checking of any kind (including man/ball “clear the body” type pushing) is permitted in 3rd/4th or 5th/6th. Positioning yourself against an opponent to gain possession of a loose ball (boxing out an opponent) is permitted. If a loose ball is not moving in 3rd/4th, the referee may re-start play by awarding the ball to the team that is in their defensive zone.

One-Handed Stick Checks

Any one-handed check shall be considered a slash, whether or not it makes contact with the opposing player. NOTE: If the defensive player’s hand comes off his stick in his legitimate follow-through motion after, or during his recovery from, a controlled poke check, this need not be considered a slash solely because his hand came off the stick.

Mercy Rule

In any game and at any point during a game when there is a six-goal lead, the team that is behind will be given the ball at the midfield line in lieu of a face-off as long as the six-point lead is maintained, unless waived by the coach of the trailing team. The Mercy Rule will be suspended during playoffs.

Equipment Checks

It is the responsibility of each and every coach to ensure that all players are properly equipped with helmet, shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves, cup and mouth guards for every league-sanctioned game. Additionally, coaches must require all goalies to be outfitted with arm pads, proper chest and throat protection gear.

For the 7th/8th and 5th/6th level:
• Official will make 1 stick check per team per half (player and time randomly selected by the official), ideally during a stoppage in play so as to not slow game. Coaches can request that the official check one (1) specific, opposing player’s stick per game.
• Official to check pocket depth and release of ball top and bottom only.
• No stick dimension measurements unless flagrant violation suspected in official’s judgment.
• Penalty for an illegal crosse is 1 minute non-releasable and the crosse removed from game until appropriate repairs are made to the crosse. Player is allowed to repair the crosse and reintroduce it into play at a normal stoppage of play with check by official.

Lightning Policy

At the first sign of thunder or lightning, play will be suspended. There should be 30 minutes between the last sign of thunder/lightning before play is resumed. Suspension of the game will be at the host organization’s discretion with a maximum of three 30-minute breaks.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Personal fouls are to be taken seriously. In addition to the NFHS rules, any player or coach who uses derogatory or profane language (starting with “damn”) on the field or bench, whether addressing a player, coach or referee may receive: first offense, 1 to 3 minute non-releasable unsportsmanlike conduct penalty; second offense a 3 minute non-releasable expulsion foul.

New this year, spectator actions can result in team penalties. If spectators do not follow the code of conduct the team they are associated with can be penalized!


NVTYLL is always tobacco free! There is absolutely no use of tobacco products (chew, vape, smoke) during NVTYLL events (games or practices). All parents and coaches are to abide by the tobacco free policy at all times. Those who choose to use tobacco during NVTYLL events will be asked to leave the field of play.