Per the rules of the NVTYLL all coaches are required the following:

1. USA Lacrosse Member

2. Certified Level 1 by USA Lacrosse (Requirement for Head Coaches at 5th/6th and 7th/8th)

If a team doesn’t have a Coach that is Level 1 Certified, the team will have to pay $100 extra for team registration.

USA Lacrosse Certification

See Coach Level 1 Certification for more information on how to receive Level 1 certification.

Certification requires the completion of these basic elements:

  1. Current USA Lacrosse membership
  2. Current “Green Light” NCSI background check (Membership Requirement)
  3. Level 1 Fundamentals of Coaching Lacrosse Online Curriculum (includes the Developing the Individual Athlete online course)
  4. Developing the Individual Athlete On-Field Clinic or Athlete-Centered Coaching Virtual Workshop
  5. PCA “Double Goal Coach 1: Coaching for Winning and Life Lessons” (Non Game-Specific)
  6. Men’s Game Coaches Only: How to Make Proper Contact Online Course
  7. Complete a Live Training

To maintain your certification, you simply need to:

Keep your membership current by renewing each year.
Renew your NCSI background screening every two years after the first screening.

NVTYLL will reimburse coaches for any fees associated with USA Lacrosse Level 1 Certification.