Girls Game Format

7th/8th & 5th/6th – Two game jamborees

  • Two halves
  • 25-minute running time
  • 5 minute halftime
  • No overtime
  • No timeouts

3rd/4th – Two game jamborees

  • Two halves
  • 20-minute running time
  • 5 minute half
  • No overtime
  • No timeouts

Playoff Overtime Rule 

During NVTYLL playoff games overtime rules have this exception: After the eight minutes of sudden death (2 four minutes periods) each team will remove one player from the field of play per each extra overtime until there is a winner.

Lightning Policy

NVTYLL has adopted the NFHS guidelines with regard to lightning:

  1. A 30-second or less flash-to-bang count calls for immediate removal of the athletes from the field to an appropriate shelter.
  2. Thirty minute rule.  Once play has been suspended, wait at least thirty minutes after the last flash of lightning is witnessed or thunder is heard prior to resuming play.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Personal fouls are to be taken seriously. Any player or coach who uses derogatory or profane language (starting with “damn”) on the field or bench, whether addressing a player, coach or referee may receive a major foul for Unsportsmanlike Conduct and it will result in an immediate stoppage of play. The player shall be taken off the field and substituted for. The ball is awarded to the offended team. At no time should either team be playing with fewer players than their opponent.

Play-Off Seeding

The teams from each division will qualify for the playoffs based on the following criteria:

  1. The top teams from each division will be based on team points standings from the regular season (league play only)
  2. In the event of a points standings tie playoff spots will be based on head-to-head match-up first.
  3. In the event of a tie on both criteria 1 and 2 the playoff spot will be awarded to the team that allowed the fewest goals during the season.
  4. In the event of a tie on the above three criteria a coin toss will be conducted by the league.