Requirements (Must Haves):

Properly lined and maintained fields

  • Must have required number of fields to support scheduled games
  • Field must be free of hazards (rocks, holes, debris) and have no obstructions within 5 yards of any boundary line unless adequately padded
  • Grass should be cut so that ground balls roll naturally
  • Lines should be clearly visible and in compliance with rulebook
  • Orange cones (eight required) to mark corners, sub box and mid field

Properly Maintained Goals

  • Must have two per field
  • Flat bottom or “obtuse angle” goals are preferred
  • Nets must have all holes repaired


  • For running time games, one central timekeeper who can start and stop all games at the same time. Coaches can keep own scores, agreeing on final score at end of game.
  • For Stop time games, one for Host field to keep game time and penalty time. For multiple fields, visiting teams must help provide volunteer(s) for timer/scorekeeper.
  • Clock / Horn / Scoreboard(s)
  • Game balls for host field. Visiting teams to help supply game balls for non-host field

Telephone available for emergency calls (note direct line to local emergency service)

Additional Items (Nice To Haves):

  • Bathroom facilities available nearby or porta-lets on site
  • Drinking water source or cooler jugs available to all teams
  • Concession stand (good money maker for your team…)
  • Rain protection / shade on sidelines for teams and scorekeeper area
  • Signs indicating field locations and game scheduling per field

Jamboree Host Checklist

A Few Weeks Prior

  • Ensure any required paperwork is in place to secure use of fields
  • Double check driving directions to your jamboree site that are posted on league website and send any corrections to:

Week Of Games

  • Double check field availability
  • Check field condition and correct problems (cut grass, fill holes, etc…)
  • Re-confirm officials are scheduled on NVTYLL site
  • Email visiting coaches to remind them to set up volunteer(s) for timing and scorekeeping. Also share any key details related to parking, bathroom locations, field numbering, etc.
  • Check availability of goals, clocks, scoreboards, horns, etc…
  • Line fields (see attached field diagram for correct layout)
  • Check that goals are on site and in good condition, repair as necessary

Game Day

  • Double check weather, call visiting coaches and officials if cancelling
  • Place goals on field and check condition of field surface and lines
  • Setup scorekeeper area with clock, horn, scoreboard
  • Place signs and schedules
  • Coordinate with officials on field assignments, rules, score reporting, etc…

Follow Up

  • Email your level contact so they can post final scores for all games on league website
  • Send any issues or concerns noted during play to the board