Host Site Responsibilities

Dear Coach’s and Organization Presidents,

We all know a lot goes into hosting jams and ask that everyone work together to make every weekend successful.

In saying that, we as a board are asking visiting teams to help supply game balls for the end lines along with time/scorekeepers when not playing the host team. You can ask a parent or get an assistant coach to do it. We want all the parents to be able to watch their kids play and expecting the host organization to ask a parent to miss their child playing to keep track of time and score in a game their child is not in is unreasonable in my opinion.

Coaches you should be keeping track of the score on your own regardless of who is keeping track and verify the scores at the very least at halftime and the end of the game.
I understand 10% of the people volunteer for 90% of the work but if you send out an email prior to your weekend game telling parents you may need someone to help keep time and score someone should step up. If not walk across the field before the game and ask for a volunteer. Tell them you can’t play the game unless someone steps up.

If not, the league will have no other option but to go to running time with a central horn and no time outs for the 7/8 teams on the boys side. This would include no injury time outs either.

If you have any questions or comments about this please feel free to contact me directly at,
Thank you,
Lance Loiselle
President NVTYLL
Play hard. Have fun.

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