Requirements (Must Haves):

Properly lined and maintained fields
  • Must have required number of fields to support scheduled games
  • Field must be free of hazards (rocks, holes, debris) and have no obstructions within 5 yards of any boundary line unless adequately padded
  • Grass should be cut so that ground balls roll naturally
  • Lines should be clearly visible and in compliance with rulebook
  • Orange cones (seven required) to mark corners, sub box and mid field
Properly Maintained Goals
  • Must have two per field
  • Flat bottom or “obtuse angle” goals are preferred
  • Nets must have all holes repaired
Trained Officials
  • Host is responsible for scheduling officials. NOTE: It is often difficult to find officials and you should start looking as soon as you have confirmation from the league of your hosting date(s)
  • Host must either pay officials directly (then be reimbursed by league) or provide league with information to pay officials directly.
  • One per field to keep game time and penalty time (for multiple field you may want to ask the visiting teams to help provide volunteers)
  • Clock / Horn / Scoreboard

Telephone available for emergency calls (note direct line to local emergency service)

Additional Items (Nice To Haves):

  • Bathroom facilities available nearby or porta-lets on site
  • Drinking water source or cooler jugs available to all teams
  • Concession stand (good money maker for your team…)
  • Rain protection / shade on sidelines for teams and scorekeeper area
  • Signs indicating field locations and game scheduling per field

Jamboree Host Checklist

One Month Prior
  • Schedule officials
  • Ensure any required paperwork is in place to secure use of fields
  • Double check driving directions to your jamboree site that are posted on league website and send any corrections
One Week Prior
  • Double check field availability
  • Check field condition and correct problems (cut grass, fill holes, etc…)
  • Re-confirm officials and arrange for payment
  • Check availability of goals, clocks, scoreboards, horns, etc…
  • Line fields (see attached field diagram for correct layout)
  • Check that goals are on site and in good condition, repair as necessary
Game Day
  • Double check weather, call visiting coaches and officials if cancelling
  • Place goals on field and check condition of field surface and lines
  • Setup scorekeeper area with clock, horn, scoreboard
  • Place signs and schedules
  • Coordinate with officials on field assignments, rules, score reporting, etc…
Follow Up
  • Post final scores for all games on league website
  • Ensure payment of officials